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The purpose of this document is to provide adequate information regarding the General Terms and Conditions related to the booking services (including online) for rooms at “’A Alera Room & Breakfast “and apartments at “ Case Vacanza Cafarella” operated by Cafarella Snc di Cafarella Giuliana e Paola (VAT ID: 03298660832), with its registered office in Malfa (ME) at Via Roma 10/12.

Acceptance of Regulations

The use of these services implies full and unconditional acceptance of all individual Terms and/or General Conditions, which will be automatically incorporated into the agreement signed with “’A Alera Room & Breakfast” and “Case Vacanza Cafarella”, without the need for written transcription. Therefore, the reservation made implies acceptance of these regulations, not only for the person making the reservation but also for any accompanying guests.

Rates and Booking Conditions

Rates are expressed in Euros, per room, and for the explicitly specified number of guests.

At ‘A Alera Room & Breakfast prices include overnight stay, breakfast, daily cleaning and tidying, alternate-day linen change, Wi-Fi throughout the property, and complimentary water upon arrival.


At Case Vacanza Cafarella prices include overnight stay. charges for electricity gas and water, kitchen linen with weekly changing, bed linen and towels with weekly changing, possible parking for one car/scooter each apartment and the use of the common areas. The price does not include the cautionary deposit (100€) and 40€ final cleaning fee to pay on spot.


 We reserve the right to modify the published prices of our rooms at any time and without notice. However, the agreed-upon price at the time of booking (excluding any extras) will not be changed under any circumstances.

Online reservations can be made on our websites www.alerasalina.it or www.casecafarella.it . For booking purposes, complete contact details, including a valid phone number and email address, must be provided to ensure optimal assistance from the outset.

For each room type, with specified features and included services, we offer three types of rate conditions.

  • Best Web Rate: This option allows you to reserve a room with a credit card guarantee, with the possibility to cancel or modifythe reservation free of charge up to 15 days before arrival. Within this period, the balance must be settled via credit card. Starting from the 14th day before arrival, any cancellations or modifications will incur a penalty equal to 100% of the total amount. You will receive an email link to settle the payment via credit card. Failure to settle within the specified terms will result in automatic cancellation of the reservation. No refunds are provided for no-shows or early departures.
  • BeSafe Rate Plus – Insurance Included – Deferred Payment: This rate guarantees cancellation for any documentable reasonand offers a refund of up to 100% of the prepaid amount in accordance with the insurance policy regulations applied at the time of booking. Payment will be split into two installments: 30% at the time of booking and 70% within 14 days before arrival. You will receive an email link to settle the payment via credit card. Before booking, please read the Coverage Document
  • BeSafe Rate Plus – Insurance Included – Single Payment: This rate also guarantees cancellation for any documentable reasonand offers a refund of up to 100% of the prepaid amount in accordance with the insurance policy regulations applied at the time of booking. The full amount will be paid at the time of booking. Before booking, please read the Coverage Document

If you wish to combine flexibility with protection against unforeseen events, you have the option to arrange external insurance.

In the event of booking additional services or products alongside the room (such as motorcycle/car/boat rentals, island tours, winery visits, etc.), it is clarified that “’A Alera Room & Breakfast”, and “Case Vacanza Cafarella” acting solely as an intermediary, will not be held responsible for any damages, disruptions, or malfunctions arising from these services or products. Users should address any complaints directly to the actual service provider or seller of the additional services or products, as they are solely responsible for fulfilling the obligations related to the provision of such services or products.

Each reservation must be canceled either through the provided link within the confirmation email or in writing by sending an email to info@alerasalina.it or info@casecafarella.it.

By accepting these regulations, the user expressly authorizes “’A Alera Room & Breakfast” and “Case Vacanze Cafarella” to automatically charge the payment for its services using the credit card details provided at the time of room reservation. “’A Alera Room & Breakfast” and “Case Vacanze Cafarella” will inform the user of the exact amount to be charged before processing the transaction.

Unforeseen Unavailability of Accommodation

In the event of force majeure preventing the availability of the booked accommodation, “’A Alera Room & Breakfast” and “Case Vacanze Cafarella” reserves the right to assign an alternative accommodation with similar or superior features at the same price. In extreme cases, the reservation may be canceled, and the tourist will be refunded the amount paid, without any further claims for compensation. Please note that no additional refunds or compensation beyond the initial payment will be considered.


At least 24 hours before arrival, the guest is required to inform us of their expected arrival time to ensure proper reception. On the day of arrival, check-in is from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM. If you arrive earlier than the scheduled time, you can deposit your luggage. In case of late arrival, instructions for self-check-in will be provided.


On the evening before departure, guests must settle the balance for their stay and any additional charges. We accept the following payment methods: cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, debit cards). On the day of departure, guests are required to vacate the room by 10:00 AM and report any minibar consumption from the previous evening. If your departure is scheduled before 7:00 AM, please inform us so we can provide a packed breakfast at A Alera


We do not accept pets.

Rules During Your Stay

The user agrees to use the services in accordance with Italian law, moral norms, rules of respectability, and public order, as well as the provisions outlined in these General Terms and Conditions. Consequently, the user must refrain from using these services for illegal purposes or purposes contrary to the regulations set forth in this policy, ensuring that it does not harm the image and reputation of “’A Alera Room & Breakfast.” and “Case Vacanza Cafarella”. Below is a list of behaviors that are censured, provided as examples but not exhaustive:

Copying Keys: It is strictly forbidden to duplicate keys. Violation of domicile without authorization constitutes a serious criminal offense punishable by law.

Lost Keys: In case of key loss, a reimbursement of €20.00 will be charged for the damage caused. Staying in the room with a number of people exceeding the maximum allowed is prohibited.

Unauthorized Guests: Entry of unauthorized individuals is not allowed unless previously communicated to the manager and expressly approved.

Quiet Hours: Guests are required to observe common norms of quietness, especially during afternoon and nighttime hours, avoiding disruptive noises and disturbances. Particular silence must be maintained between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM and between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Parents are kindly requested to constantly supervise their children to prevent disturbances.

Linen Restrictions: Taking bed linen, sheets, and towels outside the accommodation is absolutely prohibited. Sunscreen, oil, makeup, and hair dyes can permanently stain the linens. Please exercise caution when using these products. If stains persist despite efforts, a replacement cost will be charged.

The customer expressly releases the manager from any liability for direct or indirect damages that may occur due to involuntary interruptions of essential services, such as electricity and water.

We disclaim any responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage of personal belongings left in the rooms. Additionally, we are not liable for any accidents, thefts, or harm to individuals or property solely because they occurred within the premises. Each room is equipped with a safety deposit box, and it is at your discretion to store valuable items inside.

Privacy Information (Legislative Decree no. 196/03):

 As provided by Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03, ‘A Alera Room & Breakfast and Case Vacanza Cafarella processes personal data provided by you in compliance with data protection regulations. The processing is guided by principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, and the protection of privacy and customer rights. Providing your data is optional. If you do not provide the necessary information, we cannot consider your stay request within our facility. If you provide third-party data during booking, you declare that you have their consent and will transmit the privacy information to them, thereby releasing “’A Alera Room & Breakfast” and “Case Vacanza Cafarella” from any liability. The collected data is solely used for reservation management, confirmation, and related documentation, as well as compliance with registration requirements and information delivery to law enforcement authorities as described by the T.U.L.P.S. Personal data will not be retained for advertising or commercial purposes unless expressly consented to and signed by the user/client. The personal data you provide is collected electronically.

The personal data provided by you is collected electronically and processed, including through electronic means. They will be retained for the entire duration of the contractual relationship and, after its termination, for the statutory prescription period regarding any related legal actions. The Data Controller for this data is ‘A Alera Room & Brekafast and Case Vacanza Cafarella.

Applicable Law and Competent Court

These General Terms and Conditions are subject to Italian law. In the event of any disputes arising in relation to their interpretation, validity, or execution, both “’A Alera Room & Breakfast” and ”Case Vacanza Cafarella” and the user agree that the competent court will be the Tribunale di Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.



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