Trekking in Salina

Whether you are a passionate hiker or a beginner or lover of naturalistic adventures,

Trekking in Salina

with a local guide will make you discover the wild beauty and history of Salina as you climb the peaks of Monte Fossa delle Felci.

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Monte Fossa delle Felci

Be enchanted by the wild beauty of Salina, its millennia-old history, and the generosity of nature as you ascend Mount Fossa delle Felci. This experience will leave you breathless and take you to the summit of the Aeolian Islands, at 962 meters above sea level. Your journey begins at the evocative Sanctuary of Valdichiesa. Lush vegetation welcomes you, with yellow flowers painting the spring landscape. The scent of the air and the birdsong accompany you along the path. As you ascend, breathtaking vistas unfold, and soon La Fossa, with its crater surrounded by ancient trees, envelops you in a sense of peace and wonder. Finally, as you traverse the many tunnels of light amidst the vegetation, never retracing the same path, you’ll feel as though you’ve embarked on an authentic journey within your own soul.

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Giro di Lingua

This trail winds through numerous paths ascending from the village of Lingua. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to shorten or extend the route. The road will lead you to the archaeological area where a necropolis was discovered within the “Vallone Mastrognoli,” dating back from the 4th to 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. Continuing onward, you’ll reach an ancient building from the early 1900s, now abandoned. This structure bears witness to the phenomenon of local emigration. Amidst the vegetation, there’s a hidden deviation from the main road—the “Grotta del Monachello” (Monk’s Cave). Legend has it that this cavern was inhabited by a specter who terrorized travelers. Near this cave, an individual once handled gunpowder. Returning to the main path, you’ll immerse yourself in a landscape adorned with blooming broom (all the more reason to take this walk in spring). Descending back toward the village, you’ll pass through an ancient fishing village. Don’t forget to visit the Lingua lighthouse and the brackish water pond, where salt was extracted (hence the island’s current name), and where colorful migratory birds often seek refuge.

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Grotte dei Saraceni

For an adventure into the past, the Grotte dei Saraceni (Caves of the Saracens) are a must-visit. Although challenging, this trail offers breathtaking views and a unique experience. The path begins in the area of “Vallone Castagno” in Santa Marina Salina. From here, you’ll ascend toward the height near Serro dell’Acqua. These caves, carved into the tuff, served as shelters during pirate invasions in the 7th century AD and beyond. The Grotte dei Saraceni reveal a series of interconnected tunnels. Clues such as an incised cross on the sandy wall and small niches suggest a place of worship. There’s also mention of a collapsed cave where water once flowed from a spring. As you continue your ascent, you’ll enter the path leading to the summit. You’ll have the opportunity to descend toward Pizzo Capo, enjoying some of the best vistas with views of the other islands. The trail then takes you toward Valdichiesa, passing through a dense Salina forest adorned with heather and eucalyptus.

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A final wild and yet accessible trail starts from the area of S. Lucia in the municipality of Leni and leads to Vallespina. Once upon a time, this path connected the Praiola area to the village of Pollara. The hike overlooks an immense body of water, with Filicudi and Alicudi in front, and Lipari and Vulcano behind. This route will delight those interested in vulcanology, as the passage between the volcanoes of Pizzo Corvo and Pollara—the oldest and youngest respectively—allows for the observation of intricate stratifications. Pollara will be admired from a truly unique perspective, offering a marvelous view of the Filo di Branda, the island’s highest cliff, towering over 500 meters. This trail provides breathtaking sunset vistas during the summer months. Walking along the dense olive groves, you will pass by an ancient house, in whose clearing it will also be possible to organize rich tastings and then return late in the evening by torchlight and moonlight.

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Monte Porri

There are only two paths that lead to the top: one extremely steep, zigzagging, sandy, and slippery, especially in summer when the ground is dry; the other is more accessible, although one must be careful not to slip on the stone steps. In both cases, utmost caution is required during the descent phase. The last mentioned path branches off above Pollara, initially, due to the many ferns, it might resemble one of the older ones that lead to the top of Fossa. The humidity is very strong, which explains the slippery stones in some places. But certainly, in good company, any ascent – no matter how challenging – becomes a pleasant challenge to complete. As you ascend, you’ll admire Pollara, and at the summit, you’ll have an entirely new view of Valdichiesa. You’ll walk here among the shrubs covering the crater, inventing different paths to move forward. At the top of Monte Porri, there is also a cross that characterizes the peak, similar to its “twin” mountain, and among the stones, someone has even seen a mysterious notebook to record the journey.

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